Streetwize Cordless Recharge Tyre Inflator 12v


  • A cordless digital air compressor that is powerful enough to inflate an average sized 14” tyre within 4 minutes. It is suitable for inflating tyres on cars, motorcycles, vans and bicycles. It is also ideal for inflating balls and small inflatable toys.
  • Plus, with it being a cordless air compressor, there’s no need to worry about connecting to a power source when in use.
  • The compressor comes with a digital LCD display that shows air pressure in PSI, bar, kPa, kg/cm2 and also serves as a pressure gauge.
  • Supplied with 180mm air hose pipe with trigger lock, presta valve adaptor, 2 x tampered nozzle adaptor and ball inflator nozzle.
  • * Input voltage: DC 5V USB
  • * Operating voltage: DC10.8V
  • * 12V rechargeable battery lithium battery
  • * Charge time: Between 3 to 5 hours (depending on charge level)
  • * Max air flow: 35L/min
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